About the server

REDCRAFT is a local vanilla minecraft server setup and hosted by ThisTNTSquid. The server was set up since 2013 and was hosted for 2 years. Currently, the server is still under construction. If you want to join us ,  please kindly contact me with the contect function in the website as the server is currently whitelist enabled

Our team

# The current server hoster

He is the creator of REDCRAFT and has spent a lot of time with his server and redstone!

Eventually, he like to play and study with redstone circuits and server plugins. Therefore, producing a lot of experimental redstone devices everywhere.

P.S. He hate off center

# Meh.

The third member of our team, joined us in October,2014.

Anvil lover! founder of Anvil Services and MOS(Master Of Suck)

# Well, he is awesome!

He is the second member of Team ♦ REDCRAFT, joined us in the year of 2013 which is the same year of the launch of REDCRAFT.

Currently, hitting soy sauce and planning new projects in the server is his job