Frequently Asked Questiond (FAQ)

Currently, we are still under development and don't have any 24 hours service. Therefore, our opening hours will be roughly about the following time:


​ - Monday to Thursday(non-holiday):
    Irregularly open, usually at night

 - Saturday and Sunday(including holidays):

    usually 9:30am-6:30pm

1. What is the opening hour of your server?

2. What should I do if I can't connect to the server?

1. Try using different IP address


As we have metioned before, we don't have any 24/7 services avilable. Therefore , we will have different member to host the service with different ip address. In case the main IP is not working(or down), you can try the following ip address:

  # (The alternative ip of ThisTNTSquid)

  # (This ip will be used if To_Tam is hosting server)

2. Check your connection to the internet


If you still can't connect to our server with all the ip address given, you can try to check your internet connection. There is many ways to do that, but you may properly try these first:


 - Use a browser to browse the internet. If it is able to connect to the internet, Please update your java and ignore Minecraft in the firewall

 - Our server maybe went offline! (You may have to wait for the next opening period)

If you really need helps, we are glad to hear you and solve your problem! (Please provide a screenshot and a description about the problem you are facing)