Founded by : skullreapers
Founded in : 12th August ,2014
Currently Managed by : Loop Eternity Castle
Loop is a new multi-culture city after the establishment of Karuizawa Station in Fartowns. The largest station of the server is located here. It was connected with Recursion, Funland and Fartowns. Of course, it is the main transferring station between those places. Besides, Loop is mainly constits of Loop Eternity Castle and Loop International Art Museum. Recenly, the pyramid that was built by Jeffchan2048 brought the new innovation to Loop. Moreover, the W.S.Bank headquater and money generator is located here. This makes Loop to become the richest city in the server. In the future, more houses will be built in Loop and it will construct a large residential area here.
For the development of the city, more scientific development building will be established. Apart form that, the Loop International Airport will be also built by all Operators (Main Constructor : Jeffchan2048)